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At DIRECT LINE®, our dealers tailor every job to your exact needs. Our dealers turn CAD drawings into space-saving solutions that will maximize your existing square footage and increase organization. Each product will be delivered “on time, complete, and damage free,” and every product is able to be installed with little or no disruption to normal, business operations. We also offer complete support on our products, including full training on your new equipment for you and your company. From our rotary shelving to our mobile storage systems, DIRECT LINE®’s innovative designs can enlarge your filing and storage capabilities by over double the amount.


The Future is Mobilization


Growing companies constantly need more space to progress. While new construction and leasing options are expensive, DIRECT LINE® has a cost-efficient alternative. Most companies begin filing with vertical filing cabinets, then shift to horizontal filing cabinets, and lastly to open shelving. Leaner, more innovative businesses start off the more refined and efficient approach: high-density, mobile filing and storage systems.

When your business is ready to advance to the next level, you can depend on our dealers for a beneficial relationship filled with expert advice and unmatched experience. Our representatives have created and installed over 10,000 high-density mobile storage and filing systems throughout North America. If you are looking to get your business moving, contact one of our dealers in your area today!


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