Want to store more stuff? Since 1983, DIRECT LINE® has been helping you “store more stuff” with our high-density shelving, mobile filing, and storage products. We are the premiere dealer and manufacturer of high density, shelving solutions. We have a dedicated dealer network of over 2,000 nationwide that is constantly expanding and our manufacturing capabilities cater to all your filing and storage needs. We currently have three, manufacturing facilities that consistently fabricate our products in Dickson, TN, and we pride ourselves in delivering your American-made product “on time, complete, and damage free.”


You order it, we build it, we ship it, and we also professionally install it. From lockers, to rotary filing, to manual and electrical assisted, mobile filing and storage systems, we manufacture and distribute them all. No job is too big or too small.

Before You Called

After We Installed


Our shelving is easily adjustable and saves 60% more floor space than conventional filing systems. Our mobile storage systems allow double the filing and double the floor space in your current facility. More space allows you to generate profit in places that were once used for storage. DIRECT LINE® products give you the chance to “store more stuff,” stay organized, and make more money all at the same time!


Contact us today so we can store your stuff in at least half the space, saving you time, and allowing you more profit-generating space for your business!

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